All female high school students and math teachers are invited to a free full day of fun STEM activities at UCSB! The UCSB AWM (Association for Women in Math) Student Chapter is hosting POWERS Day (which stands for Problem sOlving for Women to Encourage Research in STEM). The activities will include a panel with UCSB undergraduate and graduate students in different STEM areas, a talk by a female scientific researcher, fun seminars led by female scientists & mathematicians, a friendly problem solving competition, lunch at the lagoon, and more! We aim to make role models available to girls and provide information about STEM workplaces to empower the next generation of women in STEM careers. (All woman-identified or nonbinary high school students are welcome.)

POWERs day is a free event, breakfast and lunch will be included and transportation is available for students in the Santa Barbara area!!

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/e9q6pTo9Ix39nhrm2

Funding for this event comes from the IAS Women and Math program and Charles and Lisa Simoni.



DATE: Saturday March 3rd 2018.

9:30 am --- Check-in / Breakfast

9:45 am --- Opening

10:00 am --- Math Talk by Prof. Katy Craig.

11:10 am --- Friendly math problem solving competition!

12:30 pm --- Lunch at the UCSB lagoon.

1:40 pm --- Physics and math workshops.

3:15 pm --- Panel with STEM undergrad and graduate students.

4:00 pm --- Give out certificates. End of POWERS 2018.


Katy Craig

Katy Craig was born in Dallas, Texas, and attended college at Stanford University. After college, she briefly worked at Apple Computer, before realizing that she just wanted to do math all day. She then went to Rutgers University in New Jersey to obtain her Ph.D.. After graduating from Rutgers, she spent a year at UCLA as a National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow and then a year at UCSB as a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow. She loved UCSB so much that she didn’t want to leave, and she is now an assistant professor in the department of mathematics. When she’s not doing math, she enjoys cycling and engaging in elaborate games of imaginary play with her two year old daughter.

Sathya Guruswamy

Dr. Sathya Guruswamy is a faculty member at the College of Creative Studies (CCS) & Physics department. With her background in Theoretical Physics, she teaches both Physics courses and Mathematical Methods courses for Physics majors. She has developed several new courses at CCS, including a recent seminar course introducing students to the various aspects of research. In her role as a faculty advisor to undergraduates, she enjoys mentoring undergraduates on coursework, research and career opportunities. She loves engaging with curious and enthusiastic young minds and looks forward to the POWERS event where she will do an activity that demonstrates the interplay of Physics and Mathematics in describing physical phenomena.


Phoebe Coy

Phoebe Coy is a senior math major at UCSB. She is a co-founder and officer of the Association for Women in Mathematics student chapter. When she isn't doing math, she enjoys going for walks, spending time with her friends, and jigsaw puzzles.

Carmen Galaz-García

Carmen Galaz-García was born and raised in Mexico and fell in love with math during high school. After college she decided to move to the US to start her PhD in mathematics at UCSB. She's currently in the third year of graduate school and studies geometric topology. She's interested in ways of combining math and education to achieve social justice. When not doing math you can find her in a yoga class or watching movies.

Erika Walther

Erika Walther is a third year double major in mathematical sciences and dance. She is originally from the Silicon Valley and is pursuing a career as a secondary math teacher. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and watching her favorite shows, Bones and Person of Interest.

Chloe Avery

Chloe Avery is a fourth year math major at UCSB in the College of Creative Studies. Her current research interests are in a field of math called Commutative Algebra. She is planning to go to graduate school in mathematics next year, and hopes to eventually get a Ph.D. Her other interests include juggling and unicycling.

Tamara Gomez

Tamara is in her fourth and final year as a math major at UCSB in the College of Creative Studies. She plans on getting a job in industry where she can combine her love for mathematics and social justice/outreach. Outside of math, Tamara loves to play soccer, read, and eat!