All female middle school students are invited to a free day of fun STEM activities at UCSB! The UCSB AWM (Association for Women in Math) Student Chapter is hosting POWERS Day (which stands for Problem sOlving for Women to Encourage Research in STEM). The activities will include fun seminars in physics, math, and statistics, lunch at the lagoon, and more! We aim to make role models available to girls and provide information about STEM workplaces to empower the next generation of women in STEM careers. (All woman-identified or nonbinary middle school students are welcome.)

POWERs day is a free event and lunch will be included!! We can accept up to 25 students, and registration will be first come first serve.

Although the event will start at 10 am, we encourage you to arrive 15 min. before 10 am. We will start our activities in the Old Little Theatre, building 494 at UCSB. There are a few parking spaces right in front of the theater where parents can drop off students. Here is a link to an interactive map of the university where you can find the location of the building of the College of Creative Studies. The Old Little Theatre is attached to that building. http://mapdev.geog.ucsb.edu/

Funding for this event comes from CCS (College of Creative Studies).



DATE: Saturday February 23rd 2019.

10:00 am --- Opening words

10:15 am --- Workshop: "Fun With Statistics"

11:00 am --- Math-related dance activity!

11:20 am --- Workshop: "The Magical World of Physics"

12:10 pm --- Lunch + games!

1:00 pm --- Workshop: "Let Us Count Cards!"

2:00 pm --- Closing words. End of POWERS 2019.


More to be announced!

Maribel Bueno

Maribel Bueno, UCSB math professor. She is originally from Spain and has taught at several institutions in Bolivia, Spain and USA. She was also a high school teacher for a while before getting her PhD. Outside of math, she likes escape rooms, hiking and dogs.

Professor Bueno will be leading the workshop Let Us Count Cards! A very fun card game is called SET. In this workshop, we will learn how to play this mathematical game and we will solve some very exciting puzzles related with it. Be ready to experiment, work with other girls as a team and display your logical skills!

Sathya Guruswamy

Dr. Sathya Guruswamy is a faculty member at the College of Creative Studies (CCS) & Physics department. With her background in Theoretical Physics, she teaches both Physics courses and Mathematical Methods courses for Physics majors. In her role as a faculty advisor to undergraduates, she enjoys mentoring undergraduates on coursework, research and career opportunities. She loves engaging with curious and enthusiastic young minds.

Professor Guruswamy will be leading the workshop The Magical World of Physics. A selection of demonstrations including dancing sand particles, jumping wires and collapsing cans will be performed to illustrate the principles of Physics at work. The participating students will be invited to take active part in the activities and the discussion.


Rebecca Embar

Rebecca Embar is a second year math major at UCSB. Her interests include geometry, and she enjoys teaching. Outside of math, she enjoys singing, napping, and hanging out with friends.

Emma Lennen

Emma is in her second year as a math major at UCSB in the College of Creative Studies. She is pursuing a career in math research. Her other interests include the beach, drawing, writing, and hanging out with friends.

Jennifer Rozenblit

Jennifer Rozenblit is a current 3rd year UCSB student. Jennifer has studied both Biology and recently Mathematics, and is currently a Teacher's Assistant at the Santa Barbara Math Ellipse. Jennifer enjoys cooking, traveling, and being near the ocean.

Gulnoza Bobokalonova

Gulnoza Bobokalonova is a transfer and final year student majoring in Mathematical Sciences at UCSB. She started her interest in mathematics only after getting her General Degree in Music in Moscow. After moving to the US, she landed a job at a major tech company where she worked for three years; she later quit in order to continue pursuing her passion for Mathematics. Gulnoza is a big fan of green tea, volleyball, and delicious foods.

Geneva Schlafly

Geneva is in her 2nd year at UCSB as a CCS Math major. She also works for UCSB adventure programs. Aside from fun math problems, she enjoys swimming in the ocean, playing sports, hiking, making pottery, and playing cards!

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